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Welcome to D. A. S. H. and so why D. A. S. H.?

The 'D’ in D. A. S. H. stands for Derby.

We are local to you. Most of our activities are based in and around Derby and our regular meetings (alternate Tuesdays at 8pm) are at the excellent Brunswick Inn on Station Approach.

The 'A' in D.A.S.H stands for Activity.

Beer festivals, Board games, Card evenings, Cinema, Curry nights, Days out, Day walks, Evening walks, Outdoor concerts, Quizzes, Restaurant visits, Ten pin bowling, Theatre trips, Treasure hunts, Weekends away.

Any of the above sound interesting? They are a sample of our many and varied Activities.

Something happens on every Tuesday that isn’t a Brunswick night, something also happens virtually every weekend and at countless other times.

The  S'  in D. A. S. H. stands for Social.

Hopefully you' ll find us a friendly, Sociable and welcoming bunch. We appreciate it’s always hard trying something new but we hope you'll stick around a while and get to know people We now have 40 to 50 members and this is a figure on the increase.

The 'H' in D. A. S. H. stands for Hiking.

Although as you'll have seen from above we do many things, what we do most is walk. Hardly surprising with the Peak District on the doorstep. Most Sundays see a day walk of varying lengths and difficulty. However having said that you don’t have to own a pair of well-worn boots to enjoy membership of D. A. S. H.

Some More information About D. A. S. H.

How To Get To The Brunswick Inn

Programme of Activities

We put together a programme of activities six times a year, which shows what the group does over a two-month period (download from Events page).


There' s no pressure to join straight away. We are quite happy for you to take your time, have a look at us and then hopefully you'll want to join. Unfortunately the cost is excessive, it's a whole £5.00 per year. There are no charges for taking part in our activities other than those charged by other bodies, i.e. the Brunswick does insist that you pay for your drinks!

Weekends Away

We go away to all parts of the country on a fairly regular basis. We find that the best way to do this, given that we need to find beds for a number of people is to stop in Youth Hostels. Modern hostels are inexpensive, well equipped, often sited in the most wonderful locations and they have lounges and kitchens that give us space to sit, drink tea and mull over the day's events.


Members generally make their own way on weekend trips or other activities but a great deal of car sharing is done. If transport is required it can easily be arranged.

Want to know more about D. A. S. H.

If you want to know anything more about D.A.S.H or details of any D.A.S.H. event then please try any of the following:-

E-mail Dave

Dave Smith (chairman) 07974 513237